How Land Clearing Leads Sub Contracting Works

With our sub contracting platform we take a lot of the grunt work and risk out of closing jobs. Our sales team closes the job and contracts directly with the client. These contracts are generally based on a machine hour day. We then blast out the job to our network of contractors where you can apply to do the job. You will submit your company name, machine details, insurance, and your day rate including mob or travel. If we accept you as the sub you will get an email with our sub contracting agreement. From there we will share all the customers info, you will reach out to them directly to plan what time to be on site etc. After the day is complete you simply submit pictures of the finished work and invoice us. Generally, we pay same day and don’t make you wait until we have been paid by the client. Our subs enjoy working for us because we take a lot of the pain points out of sub contracting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if the client wants more time or additional days? 

A: Always have them contact us for anything regarding billing and we will negotiate a deal that works for all parties.

Q: How do I (the sub contractor) get paid?

A: We prefer to pay online with credit card, but if you have another preferred method we try our best to accommodate.

Q: What happens if the client doesn’t pay you (land clearing leads)?

A: We take on all of the financial risk. If a client skips payment on us we will still pay you, and will proceed with legal recourse with the end client. Not something you as a sub will have to worry about.

Q: How do you guys pick the sub?

A: We look over all of the details of the sub, company reviews, equipment, reputation. We are not one of those always pick the cheapest. We try and find the best fitting contractor and price for the project.