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Hi, my name is Taylor Pierce. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 18. Over the course of my career as a tech entrepreneur I have had 2 number one ranked apps in the app store, I was the author of a best selling book, built two 8 figure ecommerce businesses and now run the fastest growing land clearing business in Texas.

Pierce Land Clearing is paving the way for high growth land clearing services.
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I Believe Passionately That Innovation In Marketing Drives Business Growth.

In a world where everyone copies everyone, being the first to pioneer new marketing techniques is the only way to increase your growth and be ahead of the wave of your competition. I have always said never get comfortable in business, if you are not growing you are dying.

Creative in All Aspects

It all starts with experience. I have scaled multiple businesses to over 8 figures. I have spent millions on Facebook and Google to reach these milestones. With over a decade of SEO experience and multiple apps and websites ranking number one this has become a standard I aim to reach in every business.

Why Trust Us With Your Marketing?

We Are In The Industry

One thing I always ask my clients is, would you rather have someone who has had success in the industry help you, or a random marketing weasel that is just turning on your google ads and charging you a boat load.

I’ve gone through the highs and the lows in this business, I understand the market, the challenges, and the opportunities. If the other marketing guys are so good at what they do why don’t they buy a machine or two and start land clearing, the answer, because they cant. They don’t know or understand this word, they just see a chance to make a buck. We on the other hand help thousands of land clearing business owners take their marketing to the next level.

Assets That Convert

The BIGGEST thing that sets us apart aside from actual experience and success in the industry is data and digital assets. We run your marketing services through our already high ranking facebook pages, google accounts, and high ranking websites. What does this mean? You don’t have to do a thing, no adding us to your website or facebook page. Just send us some great pictures of your machines you want on the ads and let our automated marketing engine do its job. Less work for you, better return on investment, and best of all next to no set up time. Sign up today and you can start seeing the fruits of our labor in as fast as 24 hours. See why we are the top choice for land clearing business owners to drive more leads.

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